ECS News

An ECS transformer in kiwenda

Our transformers are widely used in many parts of Uganda. They are trusted for their durability and highly convenient after sales services.

Self protected transformers

Part of the recently concluded transformer project for M&T construction, that involved 50KVA/11KV, 50KVA/33KV and 100KVA/33KV self protected transformers. The total of 61  transformers was successfully manufactured and completed in time. Thanks to our highly skilled and competent staff.

Part of the electrical work done for Uganda Cancer Institute in Mulago.

ECS has manufactured an assortment of electrical panels for Uganda Cancer Institute in Mulago. These include Ring main unit, Transformer, Voltage stabilizer and a number of Distribution panels.

Manual changeovers for NWSC

A total of 25 change over switches, ranging from 63A to 1000A were supplied to National Water and Sewerage Corporation in July 2022. The project was successfully completed in time.