Epoxy powders finish paint, RAL 7032 color (other colors on request).
External protection Degree: up to lp55.
This type of finish provides a good and tough cover against scratches and corrosion under  normal working environment.

Compact, Modular construction and sleek design with low noise level 70-75db Fabricated from 2.0mm MSP and finished in Powder Spray Paint.

Acoustic & Sound proof Materials.
Special Features

  • Compact, Modular construction and sleek design with low noise level 70-74db - just whisper - soft
  • Conforms to mandatory NEMA residential sound levels.
  • Soundproof, weatherproof and environment friendly enclosure.
  • Ready-to-use canopy eliminate need for any foundation or grouting and is vibration free.
  • Option for mobile, stationary, manual, AMF, room acoustic, basement and rooftop installation.
  • Approved by Engine manufacturers.
  • Attenuators are placed in the hot-air outlet and cooling-air inlet.
  • Acoustic enclosure is lined with fireproof neoprene gaskets, which withstand high temperature and pressure.
  • Painted with weatherproof, acid-proof, heat resistant, epoxy paint or powder coated after pretreatment for degreasing, de-rusting, phosphating, etc. Existing DG sets can be converted to silent DG Sets.
  • Easier Installation
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Provides excellent access for normal operation and routine maintenance.
  • Construction is rugged, durable and virtually maintenance free.
  • Aesthetically designed to perform for optimum noise attenuation and for proper engine ventilation.
  • Suitable for existing Genset installation.
  • Modular design for ease of assembly / disassembly in the event of major breakdown repairs


  • Our Sound Proof enclosure of low noise (70 to 75 dBA) at 5 meters.
  • It is durable and fully detachable as it rests on Nuts/Bolts system (Dismantlable type)
  • Enclosure has the provision for proper cooling system
  • There is sufficient air for engine aspiration and proper heat dissipation as the fans maintain proper cross flow
  • We have specially designed Residential Silencers which maintain low noise level
  • Our enclosure have anti vibration mountings and expansion bellows which maintain low vibrations.
  • Our enclosure is of users friendly designs i.e
  1. Easy maintenance- Door provided at all sides
  2. Easy monitoring- Inspection Window is provided
  3. Easy Handling & Easy Transportation


  • Bank Business Centres and Commercial Complexes
  • Institutions like Hospitals, Research Centres, Educational Institutes, Computer Centers etc.
  • Hotels, Restaurants and Community Centers
  • Shop, Offices and Super markets
  • Embassies and High Commissions
  • Residential Apartments
  • Industrial applications


  1. Temperature rise between 5-10 Degree Centigrade
  2. We are designing up to 70 to 75 dBA noise level.
  3. Suitable for tropical climates
  1. Glass Control panel viewing windows
  2. Emergency stop button
  1. Easy in transportation
  1. Corrosion resistant modular construction
  2. Sheet components pre-treated with cold fast fitting prior to powder coating
  3. Edpm Quality gas kits
  1. Textured insulation materials as per IS 8183, Comprising of fire retardant resin, organic glass/rock fiber ensure uniform long lasting absorption of sound.