ECS’s package substations consist of an approved choice of transformer, MV circuit breaker and LV switchboard house as one complete assembly. ECS can offer double ended package substations for use in more complex schemes. Package substations offer flexibility and cost savings by optimizing available space and removing the need for additional switchgear rooms.


  • Our factory-built MV/LV substation assemblies meet users' needs with respect to reliability, safety, overall quality, time-savings and appropriateness for the local surroundings (climatic conditions, operating mode, architectural requirements...)
  • 2mm thick painted GI enclosure mounted on a powder coated 4mm thick GI base.
  • Partitions between compartments with 2mm thick GI sheet.
  • Gasket/ Stiffeners provided as required. Internal lighting facility provided.
  • ECS substations have successfully passed internal arcing withstand test for 20kA 1s.
  • Access to the MV & LV compartment provided through a double door arrangement.
  • Louvers designed for natural ventilation and the thermal classes
  • Roof designed to support load upto 250kg/m2.
  • Spaciously designed to have adequate clearance.
  • Degree of protection for MV/LV compartment is IP54 & for transformer compartment IP34.
  • LV interconnection made of Al. /CU bus bars.
  • Internal earthing with 50x6mm Aluminum or 25x2mm copper bus bars.