Industrial Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage stabilizers are an effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems. They are designed to current a wide range of input functions to maintain the specified output voltage. The output voltage waveform is completely distorted free and the regulation is unaffected by the load power factor.

We manufacture Dimmer/Variac type Servo Voltage Stabilizers.

ECS makes Servo Voltage Stabilizer is an elegantly designed, high-quality product incorporating state of the  art technology and the best available raw material to deliver accurate voltage  under conditions of low, high or unbalanced voltage

Locally Manufactured

ECS Stabilizer Features:

  • Regulator; Special Sensing Circuit to maintain constant output voltage
  • Metering; Combine Digital VIF Meter for Input and Output Voltage / Output Current / Frequency.
  • Output Voltage; Adjustable Output Under and Over Volt. Alarm / time Delay Circuit / Trip
  • Servo Motor Protection Voltage Cut-off for Servo Motor at Input Under and Over Voltage
  • MCCB for Over Load and Short Circuit Protection
  • Input Voltage Protection Input Under and Over Voltage indication and Cut off
  • Single Phase Preventer Single Phasing indication with Cut off (Phase Loss )
  • Neutral Loss Output cut-off if Neutral is Missing at Input
  • GFM Ground Fault Monitoring with Trip and Indication (Leakage Current )
  • Output Electronic Over Load Protection
  • SPD (Class C ) Surge Protective Device 8/20 micro sec. as per IEC 61000-4-4/61000-4-5
  • Bypass Switch/Stabilizer Bypass Switch

Salient Features of the Servo mechanism

  • Response Time Less than 10 m-Seconds
  • The rate of correction is up to 105 V / Sec.
  • Control Fully Solid-state control circuitry
  • Motor Variable Speed high torque, DC servo Motor with proportional control
  • High Efficiency 98 %, using high-grade Laminations and Electrolytic grade Copper.
  • DG Compatible Special sensing circuit to maintain output voltage
  • Electronics cards plug-in type Glass Epoxy with masking. All Electronics cards are tested
  • On-load at 60 ºC and are interchangeable
  • Connectors Polycarbonate for longer life
  • Sub Assembly 100 % sub-assembly, testing at various stages.
  • Auto / Manual Control Facility on Front Control Plate in unlikely events

The main components in a servo voltage stabilizer are:-

  1. Dimmer (Variable Transformer) –It is normally round in the shape. Silicon CRGO toroidal core is used for the base & copper wire with specific turn ratio according to the capacity is used. The basic purpose of dimmer is to increase or decrease the voltage which is fed to the buck boost transformer.]
  2. Carbon Brush –This is a moving part in servo stabilizer, it is fitted in the shaft to make the contact with dimmer.
  3. Servomotor (Synchronizing Motors) –Servomotor as the name suggests is the main part of servo stabilizer. The motor rotates the arm
  4. 4. Buck Boost Transformer – The“motor driver” moves servo motor across winding of autotransformer so as to increase or decrease the voltage across primary of buck boost transformer since the servo motor shaft is connected to primary of buck boost transfer. And once there is change in voltage across primary of buck boost transfer then induced voltage across its secondary also changes. The motor moves in such a way that proper voltage should be observed across primary of Buck Boost transformer so that voltage across secondary should be equal to set or desired output voltage of servo stabilizer.